Thursday, November 29, 2007

A big shout out!

I want to send an big shout out to my S'n'B for their generous donations to Highland Heights Junior Public School's new knitting club. They graciously donated two granny grocery carts and a large shopping bag filled to the brim worth of yarn and needles. Awesome!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Purple Purl

Today I had the chance to wile the afternoon away with Jen, Fenner and the lovely ladies over at The Purple Purl. As we were cooing and cuddling poor little Fenner to near death, Amy dropped by to add some additional snuggles. It was a near perfect afternoon!

In addition to seeing the ladies, I was able to drop off the donations I collected from my rocking S'n'B for Highland Heights Knitting Club. I had so much stuff I had to take a cab down there! And that's not a complaint. The group really stepped up when I put the note on the message board two days before I was collecting the donations. I can only hope that with some notice the group will require me to rent some sort of heavy machinery to move the donated stash.

And as an extra bonus, I got to see Dr. Steph on The Dan. Word to my homie in the hood! *ahem*

BTW - Jennifer and Miko have put together a beautiful store with an incredibly delicious selection of yarns. If you haven't been by yet then you should go as soon as you possibly can. I promise you will receive the warmest welcome! And I am glad to say that The Purple Purl is now my shop of choice since I've heard some terrible news that Alterknit has closed their doors. (I hope it's a terrible rumour and not true.) and I'm looking forward to overstaying my welcome and emptying my wallet there. Tuesday nights are their stitch'n'bitch and I'm thinking about stopping by next week. Care to join me?

With the news I got last night...

I can't wait to start gift knitting.

I will knit something cute in this:

And I can't forget to knit something totally decadent in this:


Hey Sandi!

Do you think this hat is too big?

I dunno.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

What I did Friday night...

Friday, November 2nd, Paul and I went to a taping of the The Mercer Report. It was great and maybe you just might hear me guffaw and chortle or quite possibly even see the back of my head as part of the studio audience in this Tuesday's show. I give this guy a lot of credit because after his show he stands out in the lobby and does a meet-n-greet. And not only that, he is genuinely welcoming and funny (not contrived like some other show I saw a taping of a couple years back - and they didn't even meet their fans afterwards). Thanks, Rick!

However after that, most of the weekend I sequestered myself away in my house. Lately I've been so tired I can't muster the energy to commingle with friends, much less strangers. The time change has given me a boost of energy and I hope I can ride that wave for a bit. Sorry if I've been a bit MIA lately. Please don't take it personally!