Monday, September 24, 2007

A looooong delayed "thank you!"

My birthday was last month and I was very lucky to receive some lovely presents by some equally lovely people. Yes, I said last month. I know, I'm lame!

In my defense, two days before my birthday I returned from a crazy work trip where I had to go to Los Angeles and work five 14 hour days. It seriously took me over a week to get my energy back! After I returned and before I got my energy back, my photography skills were lacking something fierce and I was too sock obsessed to try and do better. Now over a month later, I realize that I look like a total ass for not posting anything. So here is my official shout out! With a really lousy picture.

Sandi - You totally rock with the frog and handmade dishcloths and a (what I'm sure will be) delicious wine. In regards to the dishcloths, Paul was all like, "We really should use these? Use them to clean things with?!" I assured him that it was cool but as of now they're just sitting pretty on the windowsill by the sink making me giggle each time I see that crazy frog.

Peggy - I LOVE the yoga mat bag! (Note to those who can't see the bag in the picture: Ok, I know you can't tell it's a yoga mat bag. But the cool retro fabric IS the bag. Just nod your head and pretend you can see the whole thing.) Fits the mat perfectly and I love my stitch markers. They're so girly! You are an incredibly talented Crafty Gal!

Sophie - If anyone knew I needed a pocket ninja it would be you! And I need to get a plastic sleeve for Knitting Classic Style you gave me. (Not seen in the picture. I'm not that bad of a photographer.) The pages are stuck together from all the drool. I'm serious twitching for some Kid Silk Haze. I mean I only need three (possibly 4 if I wanted to make it longer) balls to do the Layered Skater Top.

Thanks again, ladies!

Socks of Knowledge

I know this is an old picture but for some reason I really like the idea of seeing this project so close to done. I guess I miss this project just a tad. There's nothing like a project that is mindless and challenging all at the same time which these socks were. These socks a have been dubbed "The Socks of Knowledge" by LadyLungDoc as every technique (except the knitting and purling) was new to me. It made the endless knitting and purling fun and I had no reservations about starting the second sock. What did I accomplish? Well...

- first attempt at toe-up
- mastered the "magic" cast-on by Judy Becker
- experimented with new increases - Knit Right Loop (KRL) and Knit Left Loop (KLL)
- discovered a modification worksheet for the Widdershins heel
- struggled with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sewn Cast Off

I want to enjoy these socks as much as possible as I'll be sending these off this week to a friend. Who I hope will enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Started: first sock Sept. 3rd, second sock Sept 10th
Completed: first sock Sept. 8th, second sock Sept. 15th
Pattern: Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM)
Needles: US 3/3.25mm KnitPicks Options
Recipient: a friend...
Notes: I was a little disappointed in the Koigu. One of the skeins had what looked like snags throughout and there was a knot. That is something I don't expect when I pay $14 a skein. I would definitely think twice before buying Koigu again. However the colourway was pretty spectacular.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Socks are done...

I hope to return to my regularly scheduled blogging after I return from the Picnic at the Brickworks.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Possible Success??!

After flailing around with 43 unsuccessful attempts on starting my toe-up socks, I finally feel that maybe, juuuuuuust maybe that I have started a sock that will actually fit a human foot as opposed to a giant. I am a wee paranoid that it's too big. I mean, it seems to fit me well. They're comparable in size to other socks I've knit and are smaller than my crappy store bought socks. However I am making them for a friend who has slightly smaller feet than I. Oh well, hopefully she'll appreciate the effort made even if they flap around when she walks.

Monday, September 03, 2007

And let the games begin

September 1st started the Snarktember Sock-A-Long. A handful of us are vying for Ms. Snark's hand spun. As of right now, even though I have spent countless hours working on the socks I have nothing to show but my frustration. And that doesn't photograph very well.

I don't think I do well with deadline knitting. Probably what's complicating the situation is I am trying a few new techniques that I clearly don't quite have a grasp of. And the concepts I should have under my belt (like gauge) are just eluding me. I'm feeling terribly inadequate as one woman probably has one sock done by now and Ms. Snark herself is doing two pairs at once as a handicap.

On one hand I just want to walk away and say, "Thanks, I'll join next year." On the other, I want to dominate these techniques that are getting me down and show them who's boss. However as my hopes for this last long weekend of summer goes up in smoke, I'm sitting here feeling even more discontent knowing ALL the things I didn't successfully do this weekend that it makes me want to put on the grumpy pants. I'm apologizing to Paul now.

(Said in a Cute With Chris voice) Let's look at a picture of a completed sock!