Thursday, September 04, 2008

Today two good things happened

I love it when golden moments slip into a rather uneventful yet stressful day.

This morning my doorbell rang. I thought it was the FedEx person. But no!! It was my mailman and he was nice AND he had a package for me. The return address was from The Purple Purl. Were they sending me back my Vine Lace Vest? NOOOOO!!! They sent me a "hey we miss you and heard you couldn't open your box of yarn yet" package. *wipes away tears of joy*


Malabrigo sock yarn. Soooooock yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn. AND I'M ROLLING AROUND IN IT RIGHT NOOOOOOOOW. Weee! Thank you, ladies, for thinking of me in my dire time! And as if the yarn wasn't enough, I stumbled upon this on my friend Allyn's LJ:

natalie dee
click here if you can't read it