Monday, September 03, 2007

And let the games begin

September 1st started the Snarktember Sock-A-Long. A handful of us are vying for Ms. Snark's hand spun. As of right now, even though I have spent countless hours working on the socks I have nothing to show but my frustration. And that doesn't photograph very well.

I don't think I do well with deadline knitting. Probably what's complicating the situation is I am trying a few new techniques that I clearly don't quite have a grasp of. And the concepts I should have under my belt (like gauge) are just eluding me. I'm feeling terribly inadequate as one woman probably has one sock done by now and Ms. Snark herself is doing two pairs at once as a handicap.

On one hand I just want to walk away and say, "Thanks, I'll join next year." On the other, I want to dominate these techniques that are getting me down and show them who's boss. However as my hopes for this last long weekend of summer goes up in smoke, I'm sitting here feeling even more discontent knowing ALL the things I didn't successfully do this weekend that it makes me want to put on the grumpy pants. I'm apologizing to Paul now.

(Said in a Cute With Chris voice) Let's look at a picture of a completed sock!



shyknitter said...

Damn nice socks....all your stife will pay off in the end.

Lorena said...

Off with the grumpy pants! On with the fun pants! No pressure, just have a good time. Heh, I type too fast and wrote "have a goo time". But don't get goo in your knitting. That would suck. ;-)

jacquieblackman said...

I WAS particularly hard on myself this weekend, Knitting wasn't the only issue I was having. Let's just say I want my three-day weekend back! :pout: But don't worry, everything is good now.