Monday, September 24, 2007

A looooong delayed "thank you!"

My birthday was last month and I was very lucky to receive some lovely presents by some equally lovely people. Yes, I said last month. I know, I'm lame!

In my defense, two days before my birthday I returned from a crazy work trip where I had to go to Los Angeles and work five 14 hour days. It seriously took me over a week to get my energy back! After I returned and before I got my energy back, my photography skills were lacking something fierce and I was too sock obsessed to try and do better. Now over a month later, I realize that I look like a total ass for not posting anything. So here is my official shout out! With a really lousy picture.

Sandi - You totally rock with the frog and handmade dishcloths and a (what I'm sure will be) delicious wine. In regards to the dishcloths, Paul was all like, "We really should use these? Use them to clean things with?!" I assured him that it was cool but as of now they're just sitting pretty on the windowsill by the sink making me giggle each time I see that crazy frog.

Peggy - I LOVE the yoga mat bag! (Note to those who can't see the bag in the picture: Ok, I know you can't tell it's a yoga mat bag. But the cool retro fabric IS the bag. Just nod your head and pretend you can see the whole thing.) Fits the mat perfectly and I love my stitch markers. They're so girly! You are an incredibly talented Crafty Gal!

Sophie - If anyone knew I needed a pocket ninja it would be you! And I need to get a plastic sleeve for Knitting Classic Style you gave me. (Not seen in the picture. I'm not that bad of a photographer.) The pages are stuck together from all the drool. I'm serious twitching for some Kid Silk Haze. I mean I only need three (possibly 4 if I wanted to make it longer) balls to do the Layered Skater Top.

Thanks again, ladies!


Dr. Steph said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Beware of KSH--it is addictive.

Sandi Purl said...

you are superduper welcome! enjoy! what's funny is that just before i read your blog today (i check it almost daily) i said to myself "if she hasn't put up a new post...bla bla bla" and there it was a most lovely post indeed! i guess i should go and make a recent post myself eh. much love,
sandi the hypocrite xo

Sophia said...

Nice! Sorry to hear the ninja's drooling on the book, though. Silly ninja! *dodges throwing star*