Monday, October 23, 2006

What I did over the Rhinebeck weekend...

Well, for starters I didn't go to Rhinebeck.

But I did go to the creativfestival with Sophie. We had a fun time , but it was just as I expected it to be from other people's experience. Basically, it's not the best place to go if you are only a knitter. But if you like to scrapbook, needlepoint, sew, quilt or any other needle art than this is the place for you. I only knit, so my overwhelmed/excited factor was kept to a minimum. However there were a few treasures that we stumbled upon like Jacqueline who created Soak, Anne & Jane (sisters!) who own Dye-Versions and The Black Sheep Company.

Jacqueline was such a delight and her products are amazing! She even has a limited time holiday sent called "
a scent for celebration," which is devine. Plus she's a knitter. Check out her Jacqs-Hats. Anne & Jane are nice and full of energy. I believe they started their company dying cloth but have now expanded into yarn. They spent all summer dying yarn in their basement nd the colors are scrumptious. I have my eye on the peacock colorway. The Black Sheep Company only does trade shows and will be launching an online presense soon. They import yarns from Italy and have some very interesting yarns. I bought a 90% acrylic yarn called Gypsy because I couldn't believe how soft it is, plus it was in the most fantastic sunset colorway. 3 balls came with a quick garter stitch shawl that will be perfect for a pregnant friend who lives in Southern California. She doesn't need wool! Plus I want to make sure she can throw it in the wash (on gentle, of course!).

Jane Ellison, designer of delicious Noro patterns, was at the festival for a book signing. My rubber arm was twisted to purchase two books. She was so sweet, even after being wisked in, plopped down and immediately rushed by knitters. I have plans to knit at least two sweaters right away (which means they will be done by Summer 2008) and three more later down the line. Noro is going to get lots of my money. Sigh!

Oh, and my wine red leather chairs were delivered on Saturday. They are absolutely delicious. Paul sat in one all day on Sunday. I was sure he was going to take it to work with him today.

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