Thursday, December 28, 2006

What happened to December??

No, really! What happened? I feel so dazed and confused, like I've lost a couple weeks of my life. Seriously. For me the weeks before and after Christmas are like a black hole. Don't. remember. doing. anything. I'm frantically trying to get to the 100 unanswered emails that have been languishing in my inbox, the unchecked to-do lists, blog posting and work. Egads, I'm behind!

Anyways, the In-Laws came to visit for Christmas and to check out The House for themselves. They were quite impressed. Which was a huge relief for reasons that I won't go into here but it culminated into a very nice visit without incident. (Although I probably should have kept that to myself as I know probably jinxed the next visit.) Plus they brought delicious chocolate (that I have promptly inhaled already)! I did finish their arm warmers (from The Last-Minute Knitted Gifts book) in time. I even had a chance to wash them in Eucalan before gifting (plus I blocked the garter stitch shawl I made for my friend in LA... I mean Huntington Beach). They turned out so soft! Although I don't think they'll ever get worn (including the shawl). Oh well. It's the thought that counts right?? I just wish I had taken a picture of the arm warmers on the recipients. It's been a bit since I've finished anything and it would have been nice to have that proof. A pic of the Gypsy Shawl will be coming soon.

I did get a bit of knitting done because we did a lot of sitting around and talking. I finished the heel of the HELL sock, I completed the back of the Noro sweater, started Paul's arm warmers and I realized I royally messed up Lace Wings. Besides the Lace Wings everything was a positive and made me fee as if I was getting something done.

At Wednesday Night Knitting, Sophie (I'd point you to her blog, but she has stopped blogging. *cough, cough*) came bearing gifts: Socks That Rock in colourway Roctoberfest and Sandra Magazine.

If you've never picked up Sandra magazine you should. I mean right now, run out and get one in your hot little hands NOW! Keep in mind that you're not buying it for the patterns. Nooooooo! You are buying it for the descriptions.

Read such beauties as:"An extravagant and rather transparent eyelet pattern decorates the sweater in noble soft yarn. The broad and elastic ribbed collar, knitted separately, does a good service as regards to warmth and transparency."

Or delight in: "Hurrah, my sausage will be ready soon. Then I'll help the others since my outfit with cap, sweater and turnbacks keeps me warm."

Sandra Magazine == brilliant. I am sending an extra headbangin' air guitar solo your way, Sophie!!

Tonight's my Smoochy Pie's birthday so we are out and about this fine evening in a low-key kinda way. After tomorrow I will thankful and relieved that I can return to my regularly scheduled program of my life. I leave 2006 with a cat picture because I felt it needed to be done.

See, even Elena loves Socks That Rock!

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