Saturday, January 13, 2007

A tad of a headache ( for two reasons)

This past week has seen me fail in trying to get many a things done. With work, things that are like work and bouts of The Blahs I did find time to appreciate the knit-tastic golden moments.

Wednesday I defected from my regular SnB to head over to Lettuce Knit. Amy and I went for dinner at the delicious King's Cafe where I was able to see her beautiful new book, No Sheep For You, up close and in person. (There are some very gorgeous patterns in there that will make you use your sleeve to wipe the drool from your gaping mouth.) In addition, we were hassled by a crazy, homeless lady with meth mouth in the restaurant. Ode to urban life! It was nice to get a change of scenery and see Michelle's engagement ring. I have to say there is something magical about being surrounded by beautiful yarns as one knits. Unfortunately though, I picked a space that not only allowed me to look at the yarn but peoples' tookuses as they were rung at the cash. *teehee*

Thursday I had my monthly executive meeting for the DKC and I decided that it was time to let them know that I won't be able to continue the VP Programme role next year. Considering I hadn't got much feedback from them up until now, I wasn't surprised when the only response I got was, "We're not surprised." And of course that only amped up all these 15 year old self-conscious feelings of inadequacies, etc. that I have been feeling all week. Anyways, the truth of the matter is that I don't know what my life is going to be like next year. If it's anything like it is now I won't be able to focus on myself, much less the DKC. Especially since I don't feel rewarded in this position. That's why we do things, right? Because one hope to be rewarded with either money or praise or something that will make one feel complete. I don't think people work hard for much less. Well, I can at least speak for myself.

My favourite part of the week came Friday night, when after I waited for a 6:00pm conference call that didn't happen (I don't blame the other participants. It was one of Those Days for them too.) I rushed off to The Spotted Dick to join those Drunken Knitters. Oh, what bliss it is to be with these ladies. I had missed the last two (or was it three??!) and I desperately needed to let loose and the Trapiche always seems to do the trick. I think Jenn's post best sums up the night.

I did get some knitting done and I don't have to undo all of it. I finished Lé Slouch (pictures after I make a scarf with the remaining yarn). I made good progress on the sleeves for Tithe until I realized I somehow picked up a stitch and didn't notice and kept knitting (oops). I departed after 11:00pm so I could escort Rocket Bride to the Go Bus so she wouldn't be waiting all alone, in the dark, in the rain. Unfortunately, we didn't get to the 11:45 bus on time, so she had to wait for the 12:30am one. I hope her family isn't mad. If they are I hope she blames it all on me.

The weekend continues with knitting goodness as my husband and I are meeting up with the lovely Fiona and her husband for a few bevvies (and no knitting) this evening. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Sophie and Sandi at Alterknit for snacking and knitting. I kinda don't want this weekend to end.


LadyLungDoc said...

poop on the DKC for not appreciating you.

Not An Artist said...

I'll say the same to you as I said to Jenn... Tequila!! And also, good to see you again this week :)