Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What I Plan to Knit this Summer...

I'm taking Ladylungdoc's lead and entering in the Skeins Her Way pre-summer knitting contest. If you decide to enter, tell 'em "jacquieblackman sent me!"

1. A-Line Top from Jo Sharp Saturday (for me)
2. Sea Mesh Wrap out of Handmaiden Seasilk (first serious lace project for my friend Kyra)
3. Sunflower Tam from Knitting Nature (possibly for my Mom)
4. Angora Baby Booties from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts(3 pair), for pregnant friends (you know who you are!)
5. Magic Loop socks (First try with Magic Loop, for me)

Here's to writing your goals down! I know this list doesn't seem like much but I'm a slooooooow as molasses knitter. It's true.

EDIT: I've decided to add a few things to the list

6. Clapotis Cap out of Malabrigo
7. First Hat from Knit 2 Together
8. Begin Fitzgerald from Noro Knits ( with a finish date by October, for Paul)
9. Gauge and start some sort of sweater out of Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed (probably Pimlico Shrug from Knit 2 Together)
10. Finish Toy Bear from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

NEW EDIT: I thought to completely put me over the edge I'd add two more items

11. Three baby related secret things (they're very small)
12. Dye-Versions Wrap


kaleidoscoptic said...

I've already made two Sunflower Tams. So fast and easy and so cute. Look on my blog.

jacquieblackman said...

I should have mentioned that it was seeing it on your blog that made me look at my copy of Knitting Nature. And when I realized that I have some perfect yarn in my stash I decided that it's a must knit. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dr. Steph said...

That is an ambitious list. I'm trying to forget all the tough WIPs I have going and start something (else) new.