Monday, June 11, 2007

TTC Knit-A-Long == the Awesome!

The Great TTC Knit-A-Long was this past Saturday, and boy, was it a success! The weather was perfect (unlike last time) for this semi-annual yarn crawl that took over 60 knitters to 8 yarn stores around the GTA. I even had a working camera (unlike last time). I co-captained The Central Committee with the illustrious co-creator of the KAL and original fibre floozy, Beryl. We started at Alterknit for waffles, made our way to Knitomatic (where we waited and HAD to knit while waiting for them to open but it was our fault for not comfirming when they'd open), then popped over to Lettuce Knit (where I bought these), ate lunch at King's Cafe (Oh, the Enoki Mushroom Balls! How you haunt my dreams!), walked slowly over to Americo, stopped for a coffee break and finally settled in for the long streetcar ride out to The Naked Sheep for a great sale and prizes(!).

Honestly the day is a bit of a blur and I didn't meet as many people as I would have liked. I mean I did talk to a lot of people, but didn't get to really know them. Besides being clearly antisocial, I did have a lot of fun. Plus I took lots of photos. (Seriously. Like over 200.) And I give a lot of credit to Miss Hell for that, as we had some sort of weird "shooting from some part of the body contest." I withheld many of the photos because they're too silly or incriminating to post. Thankfully with all the camera tomfoolery I did get too distracted to actually buy a lot of yarn (unlike last time). Weeeellll, it was dangerous for a moment in Americo but I was pulled out of it just in time.

I want to give a huuuuuuuuuge shout out to Sandi and Lisa The Lung (captains of the West Team. Go Team West!), Peggy and Lisa The Goth (captains of the North Team. Go Team North!), Sophie (for rockin' the registration) and Katherine (who helped with too many things to name and as far as I can tell is blogless). Without their help there would not have been a TTC Knit-A-Long. You gals are totally boss!

Looking forward to seeing all of ya'll in the Fall.


Sophia said...

Boss...but pas photogenic. Michelle - camera-happy Michelle - actually gave up trying to snap a normal-looking pic of me.

Thanks to you, Ms. J, for all the work *you* did as well. As always, you were a powerhouse!

shyknitter said...

Oh how I wished I went (but my pocket book says I can wait until the fall). Glad you had a good time, see you at the next DKC.

Joe & Beth said...

Oh, what fun, what fun!!!

Peggy said...

Great recap!

Fibre Floozie said...

Hey Jacquie,

Love ya, you're the best Co-Captain ever,loved your shutter bug tendencies. Hope you're enjoying the yarn, I feel so proud of myself or getting away with buying only two balls, a set of needles and a skein for you.

This rocks, will get Aube to post a flash version of our adventures on YouTube!

2D Girl said...

Thanks for great co-captaining of the Central Team, Jacquie! I had a lovely time and was thrilled to finish the shawl I've worked on since March!

Any chance you could send me a copy of the picture of me crocheting at Alterknit?