Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Round up!

Yee-haw! It's that time of the year where one reflects on the past. I never really bought into the whole resolution thing but it is nice to look back and see what was achieved. Or not. Depending.

January: I entered the New Year feeling quite terrible. A serious case of The Blahs. The dishwasher that Paul and I bought is delivered smack dab in the middle of our entryway. We began dreaming and scheming of a kitchen renovation that has an actual place for the dishwasher other than our entryway. I vowed to knit from my stash.

February: Still got the blahs but am slogging through. Begin to think that all this is because of the anxiety of the new house and all it's responsibilities. I think this because of the dream I had. It was weird. On a positive note, Sophie and I participate in the Not-So-Secret-Secret Pal exchange with one Ms. Snark. Friendships begin to form and a trip to Rhinebeck is planned. I finish my first project of the year.

March: I go on my first shoot as a freelancer for Guthy-Renker to Dayton, OH to shoot testimonials and extra footage for Zumba (if you click the link, you might want to mute your sound.). If you're interested in what I do or what Zumba is you can see a rough-cut promo here. I also traveled for fun. I went back to San Francisco for two weeks (although I was in bed with a nasty cold for 5 days). I also popped up to Portland for a couple days. It was heaven.

April: I modeled a few No Sheep For You sweaters on Breakfast Television. Broke my knit from my stash pledge.

May: The kitchen renovation began. I joined the Knitter's Tea Swap. I had one of my photographs exhibited in CONTACT as part of the urban explorers meet-up group. Won some yarn and bought more yarn.

June: I saw Evil Dead: The Musical. I co-captained the Central Team for the TTC Knit-A-Long and avoided any knitting disasters (although I did buy yarn). I took photos for Rocketbride's Vog 'On (cuff-down version) that were published in Summer edition of Knitty. And I got out of my funk.

July: The dishwasher was taken out of it's box (thus ending it's run as the most expensive entryway table) and inserted into the newly almost finished kitchen. Paul and I cook our first meal in over 11 weeks. I also lament that none of my pants fit although I continue to eat terrible, terrible food. I also started my first real lace project.

August: Are you still reading? You are truly sweet. I hug you! Anyhoo, not much happened in August except for my birthday and the removal of The Hedges. Now there is no reason for anyone to ask me if there is a ramp up to my front door.

September: Snarktember Sock-A-Long was declared and this is where I tackled toe-up magic loop socks for the first time.

October: My folks finally came to visit! And we enjoyed cooking a gigantic (Canadian) Thanksgiving for them and a few friends who were all leaving TO before the end of the year. I also enjoyed them (the parents, not the friends) doing many helpful things around the house. They didn't see much, nay, any of Toronto but they said they had a good time. Even though they insisted they wanted to work around my house, I still felt guilty that it wasn't more of a touristy visit. I mailed my Snarktember Socks to Sharon so she could give them to Lorena. There was no surprise that she was surprised. Paul, Sophie and I made good on the promise of meeting our internet friends at Rhinebeck. And our murphy bed tried to eat our cat sitter while we were gone. (She's fine. Now.)

November: The Shadow Collective was formed and the first photography show was hung. I "met" Rick Mercer. The The Purple Purl opened.

December: I don't remember much about December, except for the flight back to TO where I sat next to a young taxidermist (but that's another story), because I was at The Purple Purl for most of it. Leaving 2007 behind feeling much better and much more loved than I did at the start.

The year had it's ups and downs, of course. Regrets were inevitable and memories were ingrained. Friendships were happily formed and sadly lost. Life. It happened. And I'm glad I got to experience it.

Now for the Finished Object list. I have to say that once again it's not that impressive. But who am I kidding, right? This is not a race so it doesn't really matter. I'm just happy I can say, "I made this."

2007 FOs
1. Corn Socks, 2. The Purple Purl's Hat, 3. Mom's Sunflower Tam, 4. Pimlico Shrug, 5. Snarktember Socks, 6. Booties, booties, booties (aw, yeah!), 7. Clap-O-Cap, 8. Magic Loop Socks, 9. Clappy Scarf for DKC, 10. Tithe Sweater, 11. Angora Baby Booties

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Oh Baby! said...

whaddayamean it's not a race!!?
nice round up, knittah!

Sue said...

Wow, I don't think you posted about your yard renovation before. It looks awesome! Great job!

Nice going on the knitting too. :)