Friday, January 25, 2008


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Thank you so much for your unsolicited email asking for my money. Although your request sounds reasonable, there are three reasons I will not be donating:

1) I don't live in Los Angeles
2) It's been over two years since I've even lived in California
3) I'm a registered Democrat

I will try not to end my response by calling you "spammers" or "asshats" as you were so passionate in your request. However I will kindly ask that you do not solicit funds from me again. I've removed myself from your mailing list and do hope I will never hear from you again. I'm sure that you are sad to see me go, but in all fairness, it is the right thing to do.

In God We Trust and The Stars And Stripes 4Ever,

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Not An Artist said...

You know, it took me a minute to realized that the "LA" referred to the city of Los Angeles. At first I thought you were call the GOP "La GOP" and I was thinking, hey, Jacquie is really assimilating well here in Canada. She's even started randomly throwing in French articles when discussing politics!