Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Crazy Monkey down!

Remember photo P1060022.JPG that I posted about on the 28th?

Well, the ankle was seriously too tight. I took the advice of those who gave it and decided that I was fooling myself into thinking that it was only a wee bit tight. Because "wee" doesn't even come close to how tight it was. It was "hella" tight. Like "vein poppin' on my forehead" tight. Like "need to work on my upper arm strength" tight.

So I ripped. All the way past the heel flap. It was sad, as I was pretty much at the ribbing for the cuff. That's okay because I would have either ripped the socks after the third or fourth wearing or I would have just kept them in a drawer due to the fear level of ripping them if I wore them.

Thankfully ripping also gave me the chance to fix the aesthetic issues I had with my lack of eye of partridge in places and now my heel looks loverly. In the end, I added an extra 4 rounds to the heel gusset (total of 64 stitches instead of 60) to give me a much better fit without overly altering the pattern. Yea!



Lorena said...

I'm spamming your comments!

The Monkey looks WONDERFUL. You can totally finish that second sock tomorrow! Heck, if I could make a pair in a month, anyone can. :-)

Not An Artist said...

That is one hot monkey ;)