Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sunday's Class @ In The Loop

Michelle and I had the honour to teach at In The Loop Café a beginner photography class for bloggers and Ravelers on April 6th. This class was aimed at helping total photography newbies get familiar with their point-n-shoot cameras while providing some tips and tricks to take nice shots of their craft projects. Sandi, Aleta, Emily and Cristina were the best students we could have asked to join for our inaugural class. Sandi even brought us apples (Pink Ladies - my favourite)! I brought my point-n-shoot for demo purposes and I took some shots of our cozy group during the exercises and during some punchy moments.

Thanks ladies, for being receptive to our class material and hope that you walked away with some helpful stuff!

P1060250 7.jpg

If you're sad that you missed it, we'll hopefully be teaching again in June. More info to come soon!

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Julia said...

If I were an apple I'd TOTALLY be a pink lady.