Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Purple Purl on Sunday?

I'm thinking of moseying down to The Purple Purl on Sunday. Anyone want to join me?


Michelle said...

Oh, if it wasn't mother's day I would be all over it!
Then I can't come tuesday because it is Chris' birthday..but the good news it that my birthday is on Wed!

Not An Artist said...

I'm in... what time?

Betharoopie said...

OOOh! OOOOH! Mistah Kot-ter! :waves hand frantically in the air:

Joe's going to Vegas - FOR BIDNESS, and I don't go anywhere. Pooh.

Oh Baby! said...

sorry darlin' - gonna go hang with my mama. enjoy! and please do send my hugs to the purl girls. hope to see u soon xoxo

Dr. Steph said...


I have a meme, come to my blog for a look.

And I may do that. It is mother's day and really a mother should do what SHE wants on that day.

Let me see what the kids have going on first.