Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holy crappers! An FO!!1!

I guess I've been more distracted with the move than I thought. Looking on my Ravelry I noticed that I haven't had a proper knitted FO since the end of April.


I've had many false starts with new projects but they have all pretty much been thrown in the FAIL pile (Bloody Flesh Scarf, anyone?). This project I would pick up work like a fiend for a bit, get bored, try another project and then come back to it. It was a very quick knit and I'm sure I could have finished it much sooner. But I didn't. In it's defense it's not a boring knit. (It's me, Vine Lace Vest, not you!)


Started: May 20, 2008
Completed: July 22, 2008
Pattern:Vine Lace Vest by Cecily Glowik
Yarn: Fibranatura Mermaid
Color: Turkish Tile
Skeins: 5
Needles: 4mm(6US) & 5.5mm (9US) Knitpicks Options
Notes: Didn't make any modifications and the yarn seemed to be a near perfect substitution. Although my picked up stitches around the back of the neck look slightly like ass.

Thanks to Amy for her mad photo skillz (even though I don't know how to put on a vest) and The Purple Purl for letting me get "fierce" in their store.


Lorena said...

LOVE (1)

Sandi Purl said...

u r a freakin super model! and the vest super rocks. nice & sweet!