Friday, August 15, 2008

Improving my photography...

Michelle and I are "taking" an online photography course. I put taking in quotes because it's free and it's not really being taught. It's just an archive of a class that was given in the past. However it seems very comprehensive and presented in a way that maybe even I can grasp onto the more complicated aspects of the camera's inner workings. ("Whah?," you say, "It's not magic?!" I know. I said the same thing.)


Anyhoo, I've completed the first lesson. Clicky on the photo above to go to my flickr set. I'd love for you to poke around, see what you like and make some comments. I'm really curious as to what people think without knowing what I working to improve. (No pressure, really.) I'm also hoping that making my homework public will motivate me to continue with the lessons!

1 comment:

Not An Artist said...

Keener. I can't believe how far behind I am.... WHY won't it stop raining everytime I get my camera out?