Monday, October 20, 2008

Cute With Chris - LIVE in TO

So Chris, from Cute With Chris, is putting on a live show of his wildly popular  blog in Los Angeles and Toronto. I was surprised to see that I was going to be in TO at THE SAME TIME. Kismet?!

I know it sounds weird, but I am part of the cult, so I decided that it WAS fate and that I should go. I'm going to buy a single ticket for Friday, October 31st. But I'm thinking that I don't need to see it on my own. That it would be more fun with a friiieeend! And that I should share the crazy Cute With Chris love.

Anybody want to join me? $21 a ticket. And you can buy them here

I promise it will be a night you'll remember. Plus you'll get a free button. I hear the kids love buttons.

EDIT:  If you're vaguely interested I would say buy your ticket soon as some shows are already sold out.

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