Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trip #1: Return to The Great White North

Although, it was pretty freakin' warm for November.

Anyhoo, when I moved back to San Francisco in August I promised Michelle that I'd come back for her wedding. At the time I agreed it felt like November was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the fuuuuuuuuuuture. But it came quick as a hare. And boy, was the return trip amazing. The wedding was so much fun. It was perfect in every way. And it gave me the chance to cut loose. Which I really needed since The Move was so stressful. I know Michelle has a bit of wedding burnout but I'm going to post some photos anyway.
michelle's wedding

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Friends opened up their homes to me (big props to Jen, Miko and Amy - ladies, you rock my world!) and the whirlwind of social engagements was dizzying. From the wedding to seeing Cute With Chris Live! to hanging at The Purl to photography in the park to watching the election results in my jammies and eating amazing s'mores - the list of goes on and on and I had more fun than the law should allow!

The funniest and weirdest thing I did on the trip was take some socks out to photograph in the park by The Purl. I'm keeping some of the pics under wraps but there's a few I'm sharing.


But I tell ya, hilarity ensued what with appearance of a wiener dog and then a small child (see below). As an extra bonus, when I start my rock'n'roll career I already have my first album cover shot.


I definitely didn't spend enough time with some peeps (you know who you are) and there are some I didn't even get to see at all (you definitely know who you are). I'm hoping to remedy that in '09 (along with my lack of cell phone coverage) when I come back yet again.

You may have thought you got off scot-free, but Toronto, you've been warned!

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