Monday, May 11, 2009

On the Needles

I don't normally have so many things on the needles at once. I tend to work on two projects max as I like to see things to completion before I move on to the next thing. Looking at my in progress stuff I was a little blown away by the amount. I feel I need to take inventory. So I say, "Let the WIP parade begin!"

The oldest active thing on the needles:


This eventually will be the Lacy Yoga Mat Bag from Interweave Knits. I started this in late January and I have maybe 12 inches of the bag part done. I decided to do this in the round because I didn't want to purl (because I'm lazy) and I thought it would be a breeze. No. This project has tied me up in so many ways that I've unknit more than I've knit. I get all excited about it and I knit like a fiend only to realized my count is off and my lace is all mashugana. Riiiiiiiiiiiipppppp. Sigh!

Did I tell you I'm gift knitting this holiday season? All of its coming from stash so I hope friends and family like what I have in stock. I got so many surprises planned and its going to be great! And I'm not just half-assing it either.


I'm on gift number two and I'm glad I'm starting early because it's lace. It's the Woodland Shawl to be exact. And it feels as if it's taking eternity to knit. Although I guess its really not. I started April 18th and I think I have three repeats left before I'm outta yarn. Last time I knit a lace scarf it took a little over 7 months. I'll take that as marked improvement!

Now the next four things aren't even on the needles yet. But I got deadlines, people!


The silver yarn is part of a kit for the Cylon Centurion. It has sadly taken a backseat to the gift knitting as its for me. The red Malabrigo Sock yarn will be another lacy gift, Lily of the Valley Scarf from Knitted Lace of Estonia. To add to that it is my May Personal Sock Club bag hence why it is a WIP. In theory I should get it done by the end of May. The Cabin Fever will be a Helena and the angora will be another pair of baby booties for a friend who is due in July. I'll probably do these before the scarf as I need a lace break.

If you're still with me, then maybe you noticed that I mentioned the yoga bag as the "oldest active thing?" I have two things that have been in permanent hibernation and I 'm torn if I should rip them or let them hang around a bit longer. This is where you come in, dear reader.

Orangina started in May of 2006. This is as far as I've gotten:


Since May of 2006, people, that's all I've done! So do I rip or not?

And then there are these cute gloves... urrrr... I mean glove:

P1050623 (1).jpg

This has been flopping around since late 2007, I think. From the Ravelry page I wrote: "Sophie taught me how to do colourwork and I got this much done before I threw this in the corner because the needles I was using were cheap icky ones." The gauge is super tight so the glove is dense and now that I'm living in California I can't imagine wearing them since it doesn't get that cold. But Sophie taught me how to do colourwork on these gloves and I'm fond of the memories. Do I rip or not?

I'm going to try and promise myself to not add anything else to the list. This is giving me a pretty good headache as it is. Sigh!


turtlegirl76 said...

I would rip out Orangina and finish off the glove and call it art. You can frame it or just tack it to a corkboard or something.

not an artist said...

Orangina is so pretty though :)

I would sew up the thumb-hole on that mitten (I don't see fingers, is it really a glove?) and stuff it. Stick a google eye and some embroidered tail detail and call it a fish.

Alternately, I like the idea of finishing it and framing it in a shadow box pinned on white card... butterfly style.

Anonymous said...

ahaha oh hello, Orangina! I remember you!

Howie said...

That silver yarn looks so cool! Futuristic :) I also found this Lollipop silver yarn that might be fun to for sci-fi amigurumi too.

May your WIP parade march toward completion this year! :D

Lorena said...

OK, so I'm pretty behind in blog reading, and you may have come to a decision already, but here's my eleven cents anyway!

Work another couple of rows of Orangina. If it doesn't make your heart sing, rip it!

Shawdowbox or frame the glove. Enjoy the memories.