Saturday, September 12, 2009

What knitty has meant to me

Indigirl had a great post about how knitty changed her life and she asked others to post as well. I thought I would try to change the mood here at I'm Not Bad... and get things back on a positive upswing. What better way than to talk about knitty?

I was introduced to the concept of knitting in a “middleman” sorta way. Living in San Francisco, I had a friend who wanted to learn how to knit and I had a friend who knew how, so I set up the first meeting at my apartment in November of 2003. I didn't get it at first and I kind of struggled with it. I put it aside for a bit and then I took a few classes that opened my eyes. From there I spent a lot time on the internet. Let's face it, knitting is expensive. I'm sure if we look at our collective stashes and add up the cost we might have been able to take an expensive trip or even have a down payment for something expensive... instead with have yarn! Beautifulbeautifulyummyscrummydroolpant yarn! (But I'm getting ahead of myself.) At that early moment in my knitting life I wasn't ready to make the commitment of yarn and books and needles and books and accessories and yarn and books. But I had the internet. And with that I had knitty. I would spend hours clickityclicking through the patterns, ogling yarn sites making future plans of what I would knit when I got the courage and/or skill level.

The end of 2005 Paul and I moved to Toronto. We knew no one. Not one person. We had no jobs. And it was October. But I knew how to knit... sort of. Within the first month of being in town I had found a knit night that was close to the apartment. There were many knitters there of different backgrounds and skill level and many of the discussions always came back to knitty. Lively discussions about the latest issue's patterns or what knitty patterns were currently on/about to be on/or just off the needles. The Clapotis was one of the most popular patterns in the group. I want to say everyone made one! (But I'm sure that's my memory being clouded.)

Maybe it was just me who was knitting the Clap?

2006 turned into my fearless year. I found too many new knitters saying things like "I can't...," "It's too hard...," I'm not skilled enough..." I wish I could..." I decided that those words words had come out of my mouth long enough and I thought that the worse thing that could happen would be that I would need to rip whatever I was working on out. And to me that seemed a lot more fulfilling then not trying something because I thought I couldn't. Maybe I felt that way because of all the support from all the knitters with their different backgrounds and skill level. It didn't hurt being in Toronto as knitters were every where! And that is the year that I fearlessly met Amy Singer. Well, more like I went up to her and awkwardly introduced myself and told her how knitty was important to me in some mumbling gibberish. And she didn't run away (bless her soul!). I might of if I had been her. I know I can be kind of weird and loud and awkward. And then something awesome happened. I'm not sure how, but I ended up convincing Amy that I could help her with the "More Big Girl Knits" photo shoot. Maybe she felt sorry for me? Anyway... the rest, as they say, is history.

See?! Amy and I are best of friends!!

Knitty created a connection to a community before I even realized I needed it. It was my inspiration and my ice breaker and continues to be so now that I'm back in San Francisco. My time in Toronto will always be held close to my heart along with the friends I made and the experiences I had.

Amy, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. And as I've told you on several occasions, "You rawk!"


Yvette said...

Funny, I was contemplating Knitty as well, probably because of the new design. I remember finding it on the internet and linking to all sorts of blogs and eventually coming out to my first knitting event. It was a lonely time in my life and I made new friends - an awesome event for me! Through knitting.
It really is so much more than just a magazine, isn't it?

Eva said...

A German knitblogger once wrote about how inexpensive knitting is when you calculate the money per hours you can spend with a skein (compared to cinema / restaurant etc.) instead of per skein or piece of knitting. I always liked that idea very much (great to soothe a bad conscience...)
But in fact, knitting is expensive (even when one buys only as little as I do), and having such a lot of beautiful patterns / designs at hand was (still is, of course) sheer luxury, especially when I newly discovered knitting and the internet in terms of knitting. Browsing Knitty was simply stunning.

Lorena said...

I think I said this back when that picture of you with Amy was first taken, but it bears repeating - that is like, my favorite photo of you ever! It cracks me up every time!

Amy R Singer said...

The moment I met you, you were charming and adorable and fun and I wanted to be your friend. So there. We're equivalent geeks.

I'm so very glad you pulled on your pony pants and made that first offer to help. Not only did you prevent a homicide [:-)] but you became a good friend in a very short time. Dammit.


graphic designer said...

I think I am definitely one of those people who says "I'm not sure if I can do that yet. It's not my skill level." But then again, I just started to knit. My friend is teaching me, she's a huge arts and crafts kind of girl. I was watching her knit one day because I was curious how it was done and she put down her needles, grabbed me some and just taught me how. She said, you're not going to learn by just watching, you need to do it. Which was true. I'm working on a small project right now, and hopefully soon I can get to try to knit a scarf! I love scarves!