Monday, January 04, 2010

2009 Round up!

So 2009, you tried to make me pretty miserable and you mostly succeeded. My emotional state during your time was low and I found that I didn't blog that much. I kept telling myself, "Who wants to hear about THAT?" So thanks to you I did a lot of negative self-editing that I'm sure didn't help. Sometimes one needs a frowny-faced navel-gazing year and I guess this is how I will remember you.

But you couldn't have been all bad! This is probably going to be one of those wordy posts that you haven't seen from me in a while, soooooo get a snack and a stiff drink.

January: I start the year by going brunette. I jump into exercising. Work is busy but good. Ravelry introduced me to the Personal Sock Club and I jump in feet first (har-har!). I attempt my first short row heel and I dominate. I find my groove with the Tuesday knit night.

February: I catch the Death Cold and I knit through it. A man, who stabbed an off-duty police officer, gets arrested on my street and I witness it. I have a job interview for a place I would have loved to work but I fail to sell them on my amazing talents. They decide to hire someone else. I'm sad.

March: Starbucks took away my favorite bran muffin but the internet saved me. I head up to Tahoe for a girl's weekend. Because of a record snow drop, we almost get stuck on Donner Pass (yes, that Donner Pass), have issues with snow chains and traffic, resulting in a four hour trip taking over 8 hours. I kick ass and take names on the FO front with 5 projects already completed. February Lady Sweater puts me in a trance. I cook up a storm with mixed success - chocolate chip muffins are a disaster but the Indian feast was pretty much a success.

April: This month passed with not a significant note on the blog. I train to be a NERT. I plan a trip to Toronto and that makes me happy. However, that doesn't last long. My Grandmother's health begins to fail and my mother, not surprisingly, has a hard time dealing. I feel far away and small against the emotional waves that crash against me. To deal, I begin my secret X-Mas knitting. I stop exercising.

May: I continue to focus on knitting with 3 more FOs checked off and ignore the outside world. I find out I'm not allergic to anything (even though I still break out in hives and rashes). I go to Maker Faire.

June: I see an opera simulcast at AT&T Park. I make marshmallows. I jump on a plane to Toronto. While I'm gone my Grandmother passes away. Garage constructions starts in our building which means lots of jackhammers. I finally see David Byrne in concert. I don't blog. I continue to knit.

July: Paul's dad comes for a visit and it's difficult on many levels. We run into problems getting our taxes done. We start to panic. I still don't blog. I still knit. By the end of the month I have 15 FOs.

August: It's my birthday and I need a break. Paul takes me away for the weekend. We go to the the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, which is one of my favorite places. It was a well needed break. I go whale watching. I have another interview at another company I would have loveloveloved to work for. Once again, I fail to impress. I'm sad again. Still have issues with taxes. I still don't blog.

September: I head to my folk's place to give my mom some support. I jump back into blogging by announcing my Grandmother's death. I counter the sad news with a post on "what means to me" inspired by Indigirl. An old friend who lives far away visits with his new girlfriend. I cook all day, we eat and catch up. Surprisingly the visit is much better and more relaxed than expected. I Ride The Duck as a mystery shopper. And I'm still knitting.

October: Two things I do that aren't surprising: I don't blog and I do knit. Work keeps my mind busy. Garage work starts getting sporadic as there is permit problems and the SF building department turn into wankers. I mystery shop two of the Ghirardelli Square cafes and I go into a sugar coma.

November: Michelle comes to visit! Thankfully work deadlines are pushed back so I can make an awesome itinerary. Sadly, I don't blog about it. However we do have a kick-ass time and I take some awesome photos. Paul and I celebrate Thanksgiving in Portland with an old friend. Ever had a turkey cooked on the BBQ grill basted in champagne? Well, you should. We also go wine tasting. By the end of the short trip my pants are tight.

December: I don't blog... and yes, I knit. I don't complete all the gifts I'd like to knit but I'm pleased with the final number. I get so pleased with my gifts that I forget to do holiday cards. Even though its far from complete, the garage gets a door and now its actually usable. Tax situation is still not completely taken care of but at least we're not panicking any more. Paul takes two weeks vacation so we can do fun things around town. He comes down with Hell Cold, flops around the house for more than a week and then hands the Hell Cold over to me. We celebrate Paul's birthday and ring in the New Year with homemade boeuf bourguignon, no-knead bread, beer and friends. I knit a cat sweater for my Portland friend's cat and make Elena try it on. I decide that I am not a nice person.

The way I want you, dear reader, to remember my 2009 is how awesome I was in the knitting department. 29 FOs, baby!

A record, for sure. And the best part? Most of them were gifts. In fact, only five of those projects stayed home with me. The other 24 were sent far and wide as baby welcoming, birthday and X-mas gifts. And it seemed that the recipients loved them (or so they said) and that was a lot more rewarding than I expected to be.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm sorry 2009 roughed you up, Jacquie. I think it roughed me up a bit too, to be honest. 2010 will be better, right? Right!

idyllicchick said...

You kick ass, Jacquie! I think I completed eight projects. But I began a lot more! That counts, right?!

Here's to a smoother, more bloggy 2010. Cheers, my friend!

Tracey said...

truly awesome in the knit department! i hope you have a happy and just as productive 2010.

Lorena said...

@idyllicchick owns a yarn store and only finished eight things? I'm going to have to tease her about that. ;p

Love you Jacquie, love the scarf you sent me (in fact, I've been wearing it nonstop for about the last ten days), and hate the fact that life threw you such a curve ball this year. Good people like you deserve better. Hear me, life? Jacquie deserves a wonderful 2010. MAKE IT SO.