Sunday, July 02, 2006

The bad and the good

The good news is I've got some quality knitting time in this week and I actually finished Very Cherry. The bad news is, as I had predicted, Very Cherry is too small. Sigh!

But I'm happy to report that the Rowan Holiday has knit up nicely and works well with this pattern. With that, I don't feel as bad ripping it out and starting over. I've also decided that I'm going to make it a bit longer in the body before I start the final ribbing. I think this is going to make a really nice top.

The rest of the bad news is I haven't made much progress on Orangina, but the good news is at least I haven't messed it up... yet.


Sophia said...

But she is looking so very purty so far! :)

jacquieblackman said...

Thank you! When I tried it on I felt a bit like a sausage in it's casing, but at least I was a good looking sausage. When it fits me, I may not want to take it off. I think it may be an excellent top!