Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Clapotis: Take II

Thankfully I had a long weekend that involved an airplane and I got lots done on the second Clapotis. The first Clapotis was of epic proportions size-wise and three skeins into it I realized that I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish if kept at it's size. Already using 3 of the 5 skeins I had purchased, I decided to see how I would feel if I used slightly larger needles and did less increase sections.

This is what I landed with yesterday on my return. I think it will work. The larger one is the 1st attempt and that is using up almost 3 skeins and the smaller one is the 2nd and it is about 1 1/2 skeins. Basically, I am almost at the same place in the pattern as I was on the first.

As for details, I went from size 6mm to 8mm and did only 5 increase sections (as opposed to 8). The large one is 30" wide while the small one is 24" wide. What I really like about using the bigger needles is the detail of the yarn really pops. I felt with using the 6mm needles the stitches were tight and kinda scratchy. Now there is lots of room and the stitches all flow. It's soft now and I can't wait to drape it around me. Can you tell which one is the second try? (It's the one on the left below.)

I've only dropped two stitches on the second one, so I guess I'm a little more than one straight row section behind the first. But I'm very close.


Peggy said...

Love all your bday goodies... and the colors of your Clap are even more vibrant and beautiful in reality! Will you be wearing it next Wed?

jacquieblackman said...


I wish I could have Clappy done by Wednesday! Unfortunately I'm moving on the 10th, so I can't focus on knitting as much as I would like. But after the 10th I'm looking at world knitting domination. bwaaahahahaha!