Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Delayed Birthday Post

Birthdays are so fantastic! And this year was especially awesome, especially in regards to knitting. (Especially!) My special day did kinda sneak up on me and the day itself was largely uneventful, but three things did happen.

First, earlier in the week I found an American Express gift card languishing on my desk that was given to me back in October. With that discovery, I decided that I needed Knitpicks interchangeable needles, Options. I heard so many great things about them that I couldn't help myself. I have a feeling I will love them as the needles themselves seem very well designed and have a nice weight, but I will admit I'm not too crazy about the carry case as it seems very much like an afterthought. (Just assessing the line overall, Knitpicks needs to offer needles smaller than 3.5mm and the cables shorter than 24". But this is all before I even lock the first needle to the cable. More of a review later!)

Second, my mom sent me a gift certificate to The Naked Sheep and it arrived right on my birthday. It was perfect!!

Then, Sophie surprised me with the most awesome gift (in two parts). We meet up for a knitting afternoon at Tango Palace Café and she gave me some of the softest variegated merino wool I've ever felt. It's Malabrigo from Uruguay in colourway Cuarenta (#237). With the yarn, she gave me the Guantlet pattern made famous at Wednesday Night Knitters. Yummy! Then she went on to completely top herself by giving me the most fantastic bag that has plenty of room to carry my knitting around in. It has a classic pin-up beauty saying "I love not camping" on top of a vintage tropical leaf pattern. And it's true. I do love not camping. Squee!

Hmmmmm... now Sophie's birthday is coming right around the corner. I had better start doing somere-conn to find the perfect gift. *Begins tiptoeing around doing best Sherlock Holmes impression*


Sophia said...

*whistles and stares at the ceiling*

...or should I duck and cover?

jacquieblackman said...

Hmmmmm... gooooood question. Me thinks it best to keep you on your toes!