Tuesday, August 15, 2006

pointy sticks (to poke my eyes out)

To update my post from earlier. I've found a mistake in Orangina, so I must unknit lots. I mean lots. Lots. Lots. I think I've almost reached the mistake. If that truly is the mistake. Tomorrow I will finish unknitting and hopefully have something to knit for the Wednesday night knitters.


Sandi Purl said...

oh no, it's all my fault! i should never let u knit orangina & the clap while slugging back trapiche! what were we thinking? perhaps we just weren't!

Mel said...

Oh lord, I'm so sorry. I have problems knitting anything remotely lacy or patterned. Hell, I've had to frog a damned DISHCLOTH three times just because I kept messing up the pattern.
And it was just a stinkin' lacy dishcloth!!!

I feel for you :(