Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It tastes like progress

It's been very quiet on the Canadian front and I think I've worn out my excuse. Do people still want to hear about it?!! Well, I guess whether peeps wanna hear it or not, I'm gonna say it... buying a house takes up a lot of your time and energy; plus it really stresses you (meaning: me) out a lot. Plus being VP Programme of the DKC has really hampered my ability to lounge around and eat bon-bons all day. I have to say this volunteer position is reminding me a lot like work. And it's been almost 11 months since I've worked for The Man. I'm not complaining. I'm having a good time and I like feeling like a responsible adult again, although it can be a little frustrating and time consuming.

I have been trying to combat the day to day activities by spending a least an hour in the evening knitting up a storm. I think I've been doing an ok job. First up, Haidmaiden Sea Silk has been wound into a ball. Wee! Ok, I know that's not much progress but I will take my victories no matter how insignificant they seem. Next I've also done a fair amount of work on Orangina. It is going to be a beautiful garment! Provided I actually do get it done some time this century and it actually fits after all the blood sweat and tears I've put into it. The item I've been focused on the most is the Clapotis! I just started the straight section. I really like this pattern and I'm very happy with my yarn choice. I have dropped two stitches (intentionally!) Unfortunately I've done something wrong and now my stitches are off although my stitch count is correct. I think my problem is here. I believe I will need to let the unknitting begin. Sigh!Very Cherry has not been touched since the last post. Although I am *thinking* about it.

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