Tuesday, September 26, 2006

22 days later and I'm finally posting...

A lot has happened over the last 22 days. I've packed. I've moved. I've mostly unpacked. In between that I've bought a dryer, received furnace quotes, bought a dining room table with 6 chairs, bought 2 red wine leather chairs for the living room, found a couch but didn't buy it and agonized over paint chips. Things have been amazing and I'm still in shock that I finally own my own house. I' m just tickled pink. Although I do have that sinking feeling that someone is going to come by and say, "Oh sorry, we were wrong. This isn't yours." But luckily as the days pass that feeling also passes. But I digress. Everything has been wonderful, except one thing. For the last 16 of those 22 days I've been without a proper internet connection. I've been "borrowing" the neighbor's connection. For small parts of the day, the connection is wicked fast. For most of the day, it's worse than dial-up. But I digress even further.

The one thing I did not do during the last 22 days was ignore my knitting. In fact, even though I had precious little time to knit I did make the time that I had productive. And it felt so good! You may recall the episode I had with the Gigantic Clap which set me back with completion. Well, I'm proud to say that I finished the project with a small handful of yarn left. And you know what? It is beautiful. It's bright. Almost sickly so. And I love it. And I haven't really removed it from my body except to sleep and shower. I have to admit I was obsessed with starting this project and I would spend countless hours combing blogs for yarn ideas and FOs. But now I think the obsession is satiated and I can move on. If a friend or family member asks for one I won't hesitate but I don't think I need to make any more.

Next on the needles will be Beryl Tsang's brilliant invention, the Tit-Bit, and Lace Wings by Alice Cooley. The Tit-Bit is for donation at next month's Downtown Knit Collective meeting. (BTW - September's meeting was a success and I promise to write an update before the next meeting.) To add a little extra fun, I think I may learn how to knit socks in an extreme fashion -- two at a time.


July 30, 2006
September 19, 2006
Clapotis by Kate Gilbert (knitty.com)
Pattern Modifications:
did only 5 increase sections (instead of 8)
Noro Iro (5 skeins)
Rainbow (#18)
Needles: US11/8mm Clover bamboo circulars


Sophia said...

That last pic is fantastic! -- And nice shot of it on your Brand New Dining Room Table (tm).

Sue said...

Congratulations on getting moved in! Sooo, any tips on who has the best furnaces? LOL!

Your clapotis is gorgeous. Makes me want to join the ever-growing bandwagon and knit one of my own.

Mel said...

Hooray and congrats!

Wow, your photos are gorgeous :)

Not An Artist said...

Wow, those photos are almost as gorgeous as the Giant Iro Clap is in person! Especially that last one, that is a lovely arrangment.

jacquieblackman said...

Thanks, everybody! ::blush::

Sue - I still have no answers regarding furnaces. Although I've talked to about 5 different companies. Ack! But after everything is said and done I let you know how it went. :-)

Sandi Purl said...

beautifully awesome! you got the clap. a multi-coloured inspiration!

stitchingpooh said...

Wow what vibrant colors. It turned out so pretty. Good job.

jacquieblackman said...

Thanks so much! Whenever I wear it I get oodles of compliments. It's such a great piece!