Wednesday, December 06, 2006

If I said I was distracted...

Would you believe me? I was thinking last night as I was knitting in my living room, enjoying the beauty that is new furniture, and I realized I haven't finished one knitted object since the Tit-bit in early October. In fact, last night was the first night I dedicated any amount of time to my projects. One thing I realized is that I have lots of projects in various stages of not done.

CLOCKWISE: Huggable Toy Bear from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts in Mission Falls 1842 Wool
(One stubby arm complete.); Official Kitty62 hat from in nasty-assed Mary Maxim Starlette (What can I say? It was to be a Halloween costume. I swear! If it makes you feel better I'm having lots of trouble with the yarn); Tithe from Noro Unlimited by Jane Ellison (That's the back piece. I'm already at the arm shaping.) and then finally the Lace Wings shawl in Handmaiden Sea Silk (I've done 13cm since the end of September. Do you think I'll get it done by February when I plan to go to California to give it in person?).

CLOCKWISE: "Gypsy" Shawl in Gypsy by NY Yarns
(I need to have someone show me how to crochet an edge and then this puppy will be complete.); Orangina in Mandarin Petit (Which has been a work in progress since May); a cabled scarf/hat combo from Rebecca #30 in Blue Sky Worsted (I know it looks like a cuff, but it's not. It will be ripped and turned into something else.); Very Cherry in Rowan Holiday (Another project that's been in progress since the beginning of June. Considering ripping it out.); Gauge Swatch in Estelle's Woolly Bully (Slated for either a cowl neck sleeveless or a plain ol' top-up seamless sweater.); in the middle are the dreaded socks of despair that I am doing for Amy (Must keep under wraps, but seriously it looks like it's in a wee body bag, which is fitting since I've had to rip it so much I'm ready to kill it. If you *can* kill an inanimate object. Please tell me I can.)

Gak! What a terribly boring post. Oh, well. I said I was distracted and I guess going on a weird tangent is part of it. BTW - I have my Permanent Residency interview next Wednesday, the 13th, at 4:00pm. I have to go to Scarborough. I think that's the bulk of my distraction. Plus I'm trying to get things done for the DKC's December meeting which falls on the 14th. Eep!


Lorena said...

Suddenly, I'm feeling a pantsload better about all the various things I have on the needles. Thanks! Hee!

LadyLungDoc said...

You just are keeping your options open, that's all.

Scarborough? They are really making you work for it, eh?

Mel said...

Oh Jacquie, you're too funny :D

I'm sorry that they make you go to Scarborough to become a Canadian, but them's the breaks.

Also: I, too, have balls of Starlett hanging about and I was thinking of whipping up a pair of Knucks for my dad, but then I got worried because he's a smoker and I'm afraid the first time he lit up the glove would end up fused to his hand.

Peggy said...

Good luck on your meeting!! WIPs are good... it allows for different moods and situations. ReallY!