Tuesday, December 12, 2006

OT: In My Nose

Right now I have the most amazing homemade soap stuck in my nostrils. It just arrived in the mail from Ms. Snark herself over in Snarkland. (Thaaaaaank you!) Enjoy the Snarky Soap!

Flying Pig is Hazelnut & Sugar Pumpkin scented goat's milk w/ Chamomile exfoliant, Mouse with Candle is "Feliz Navidad" scented goat's milk and the ladybug is "Yuzu Cybilla" scented olive soap. Yummmmmy!

We've decided that we need to do a "Not-So-Secret Secret Pal" exchange. Her soap has inspired me to be crafty. I need to unpack my books so I can find some inspiration.

1 comment:

Lorena said...

Aww, you're welcome! I hope you enjoy them. The flying pig is my favorite-- I just love that mold.

Be crafty! :-)