Monday, February 05, 2007


I love knitting baby booties. Especially these made out of angora. They are just toooooo darn cute. I made them this weekend with the intention of giving to the expecting parents last night, but started feeling weird about gifting them since I was unsure about the gender of the wee one. Especially since Paul insisted they were pink. I bought the yarn thinking it was more of a neutral, peachy tone


I found out last night that they're 85% sure its going to be a girl. I should have brought them. The baby is due in four days. I may have to pop them in the mail.


shyknitter said...
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shyknitter said...

If you ever want to make gender neutral booties, go to and search on 'suede booties'. They are absolutely adorable!!
The ones you have made are lovely too, I wouldn't mind adult size booties made of angora ;-)

LadyLungDoc said...

That's the problem - anything that is at all near pink gets labelled as pink when it comes to baby clothes. Which is why I am knitting red baby stuff for my BIL's upcoming baby.

Yosemite said...

The botties are just adorable. I love doing things like that because they knit up so quickly. I can't say I've ever made booties out of angora. It must be butter soft. Just the thing for baby's feet.

Diane said...

ohhh, lovely and soft. they are so pretty