Friday, February 02, 2007

Project Update

Yesterday I was kinda farting around. Had a hard time working. So I thought a lot about knitting. I thought about the Kitty Hat and how I still haven't finished it. I think I will finish it soon, though. At least that's what I thought. I also thought about my stash. Stash Bash Night didn't do much to lighten my load, as I did get a few balls of interesting stuff. But at least I didn't leave with more than I showed up with. While looking for things to bring, I discovered an Interweave Knits that I had hidden away. I looked at my 5 skeins of Wooly Bully and thought that the Portland Pullover would be a good match for it.

020107_knitting_update _063a.jpg

I also thought how the Huggable Toy from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts doesn't look very huggable. Once I looked at the picture, I felt a little better about it. I think I see some hugable-ness there.

020107_knitting_update _065a.jpg

I did think very hard about three little words. Because on Wednesday I was doubting them. And trust me when I say, I couldn't have been more wrong. Those three words: Trust. The. Noro.

020107_knitting_update _064a.jpg

I'm off to watch a movie, drink some wine and eat some dinner with my honey-pie. I won't think about the baby booties I need to have done by Sunday.


Diane said...

i have some days like that too....just thinking about knitting. You think knitting should be a lifestyle, eh?

shyknitter said...

Oh, I think you can trust the Noro. It looks fabulous!

Peggy said...

Noro is looking good! I can't wait to see teddy bear all sewn up. I made a couple a few years back. They are so darn cute!

Sandi Purl said...

hey i was thinkin of doing the same interweave sweater in malabrigo. I love it. looks like i may have to copy you again! hate me yet?

Soosan said...

Ok, teddy no longer looks like anything resembling clothes for Ken. Not even overalls. Nice one!