Monday, February 19, 2007

Not So-Secret-Secret Pal Exchange!

Not too long ago, Sophie introduced me to a blog that made her giggle. She said that I must check it out. After I read a post of her talking with her house I was hooked! (Unfortunately I couldn't find the post in the short amount of time I had this morning to share.)

Before the winter holidays Ms. Snark offered up her homemade soap and I could not pass that opportunity up. Not too long following, the idea of the Not-So-Secret-Secret Pal emerged. Gifts needed to be mailed by February 14th. I got the package out with one day to spare. Not knowing how long Canada Post would take to get the package across the border, I expected to hear that it arrived in a week or two. But no!! I'm so excited that my Not-So-Secret-Secret Pal received her package this past weekend.

Ms. Snark, you were a pleasure to shop for! We should do it again sometime!

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Lorena said...

Oh, hah! I remember that post. Let me see... here ya go. Hrm. Looks like I haven't really followed through on that, either! Hope my house doesn't fire me!

This has been a great exchange, and I'd totally do it again. I'm seeing themes! I'm seeing personal delivery! Oooo, and I'm seeing drinks at Rhinebeck!