Saturday, July 07, 2007

More art in the form of knit and crochet

My love affair with treehugger continues with two post about knitting and crochet as art.

The first thing that caught my eye is a story about E Chen's "Thousand Year Bloom" at the Taipei Biennial. Kathreen Ricketson, who writes about culture & celebrity, notes: "It consisted of a roomful of knitted random objects, such as flower pots, fire hydrants and cacti, which were slowly mechanically unraveled over the course of the exhibition, leaving piles of discarded yarn in their wake." Read the post here.


And she writes of the inspiration of the crocheted reef: "With the threat of global warming and agricultural pollutants, scientists believe the reef will be dead in 30 years. The founders of the IFF, the Wertheim sisters - who grew up in Queensland - have instigated a project to crochet a woollen reef." Read this post here.

crochet coral reef
"Crochet Coral and Anemone Garden" with sea slug by Marianne Midelburg. Photos by Alyssa Gorelick.

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LadyLungDoc said...

hmmm...I think I saw that crochet coral on Ravelry when I was looking to see what other people had done with yarn I have in my stash...