Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spinning at The Purple Purl (a shameless plug!)

My friend Lorraine is teaching two spinning related classes in July. If you haven't taken a class from this spinning genius than you should! Contact the Purple Purl at 416-463-1162 or check out their official class schedule here.

“More, better, faster—spindle like you mean it”

Saturday, July 12: 9:30am-12:30pm

This workshop is designed for spinners who have made yarn before (at least a little), and are ready to use their spindles to become effective, productive, happy spinners. The focus will be on greater control of the process and therefore increased opportunities for creativity. We will explore the fundamentals of different spindles, drafting techniques, and plying options, creating a range of their own singles and two ply yarns. The intention is to minimize effort (or in some cases, anguish) and reveal beautiful, practical yarns with the gentle turn of the spindle.

Note: While we will explore a range of spindle types, participants will need a balanced, high-whorl spindle for this workshop.

Cost - $65.00***
Class materials included: various different fibres and preparations of fiber!
Instructor: Lorraine Smith

Re-invent your wheel (spinning)

Saturday, July 19: 9:30am-12:30pm

This three-hour session will help you develop good habits to consistently create the yarn you want. Emphasis will be placed on fibre preparation, drafting techniques and wheel mechanics that can work to your advantage. If you have been making the same yarn over and over, or if you find the yarn "just does stuff" without your wanting it to, this is the session for you. It's time to remember why you fell in love with spinning: not just for the pretty wheel, but for the gorgeous yarns you can make with it.

Note: You must bring their own spinning wheel to class...after all, it is your own wheel you need to do precisely what you want!

Cost - $65.00***
Class materials included: All fibres for class work will be provided.
Instructor: Lorraine Smith

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