Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today was World Wide Knit In Public Day! And I think I knit about a total of 15 minutes in public while on the longest streetcar ride from one side of the city to the other. But I had lots of knit-like fun.


Looky that hottie who's in front of the lens. Woooot! That's Franklin adding me to his "1,000 Knitters" project. Although making faces like that I may have gotten myself cut from the whole project. Hey, it looks like I'm doing some knitting there though! Cool. Thanks to the Yarn Harlot and Rachel H for making Franklin's trip possible. And thanks for the prizes! Totally awesome.

Then I wandered (this is where the long streetcar ride came in) over to the little park next to The Purple Purl for a little hanging out at their KIPD. And Fenner decided to bop around without any pants on soooooooooo I took some pictures. Awwww, how cute! Baby bum!


Then I had to get home and wait for a call from my real estate agent back in SF. I got great news and it looks as if the Hubs and I are buying in San Francisco! We have 10 days to confirm and in that time weneed to get an inspection, meet the other buyers (it's a TIC, after all... uhhh, I know it's confusing) and make sure some things can be done before we ACTUALLY sign our names on the dotted line. It seems like we are on our way to an address on the other end - even if it's just a partial piece of property. Yippee! More info later once we do actually get it. I'm in SF next weekend.


Lorena said...

I think I just swooned a little. How much of a knitting rock star are you?!

Julia said...

Aw, see now I got it all confused. I thought it was MANDATORY to be pantsless at the Purl's WWKIP event. If I had know pants were just OPTIONAL, I might have made an appearance!