Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Round up!

Another year has gone by and it's time for a little bit of reflecting. It's a bit wordy this year, do you have your snack and beverage of choice? Excellent! Let's begin:

January: Do you guys remember the kitchen reno that started back in May '07? I had forgotten about it too, but clearly we were still working on it. The microwave/range hood had its coming out (of the basement) party. I learn how to drop spindle by the fabulous Lorraine but don't get bit by the bug. I attempt to learn how to snowboard but FAIL. I finish four projects - a record month!

February: I complete my first real lace project. I continue posting about my Thriller obsession.

March: I have a bit of a winter meltdown. I'm in Southern California for work and then I pop up to San Francisco to spend some time with a friend who's gone through a terrible breakup. I soak up the weather and try cheer up my friend the best I can. While I'm gone Paul is contacted by his old department at the San Francisco Chronicle asking if he knows someone with a "certain" skill set. Paul calls me and wonders how he should respond since we're just hitting our groove in Toronto and loving it (except for the bleakness of the winter, I was still wrastlin' with that.) We decide that we'd regret not at least getting the dialogue started. Within four days The Chron makes an offer we can't refuse.

April: April 1st was Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour Day to commemorate the Yarn Harlot's latest book launch. She and Rachel H devised a photo scavenger hunt that Michelle and I dominated. Michelle and I also taught our first (and last) joint beginner photography class for bloggers and Ravelers at In The Loop Café. I learned to crochet! I officially announce I'm moving back to SF (not the highlight of the month). I host a babeh shower for Sandi where we give her a community knitted/crocheted baby blanket. If I may say so myself, the blanket is gorgeous.

May: The cogs that are The Move start to turn. We must have finished all the kitchen renovations as we put the House of Sammon on the market and begin culling stuff left and right. Paul leaves at the end of the month and I start to feel pretty overwhelmed.

June: House of Sammon sells. The CBC loses it's rights to the Hockey Night In Canada theme song. I get a haircut. I'm photographed for the 1,000 Knitters project. Michelle teaches me to sew and I make the cutest dragon pants you ever did see. Am I still talking about Thriller?! Lordy, I must be obsessed. I fly to SF to check out a place that we want to buy and find that we're a far way away from actually signing our names on the dotted line. I have a great trip anyway. I find that my fear of flying has diminished enough that I actually enjoy sitting by the window as opposed to the aisle. I create the ugliest WIP in the world - the bloody flesh scarf.

**Intermission - time to go for that pee break or refill of your favourite bevvie**

July: The Knitters throw one hell of a going away party for me... and they knit me a community blanket!! I pack like a fiend, eat lots of take out all month. Not surprisingly my pants don't fit by the end of the month. I hang out with The Knitters as much as possible. Paul is still trying to find us a place to live. We discuss living in a hotel that will take the cat out in Emeryville. We cringe at the idea but know its our only choice other than living in a cardboard box. In the 11th hour, Paul finds a sublet in the city for the month of August. My fight with the movers just begins. I exhale a little.

August: I leave for SF on the 1st. We're still in negotiations to buy. The sublet is in a great neighbourhood and has a quirky backyard but is incredibly dirty and FULL of animal hair. It looks like no one has cleaned in months or maybe even a year. My freelance work dries up. Old friends are busy. And I spend most of it alone in the less dirty (since I cleaned) apartment fighting with the moving company. I miss Toronto. Start an online photography class but don't do much with it. Then, it seems in a flash, negotiations are settled and we sign our names on the dotted lines and are able to move in. I continue to fight with the moving company but we get our stuff - not all in one piece, mind you.

September: Its a blur but I do remember a lot of boxes. My freelance boss contacts me and says that it looks like her department will be shut down. I panic.

October: Still has something to do with a lot of boxes but I at least get my head up for air occasionally. My freelance boss contacts me again and said that she has a ton of projects on her desk now and she has the perfect project for me. A meeting is hastily arranged and I'm less panicked knowing I'm going to be having some work.

November: I come back to Toronto for a week long visit. Michelle gets married! I see Cute With Chris Live! I see The Knitters (and their babies if applicable)! Obama gets elected!! After that I go back home for a week then I'm back on plane heading to North Carolina to visit my folks and celebrate my Grandma's 91st birthday. Work is overwhelming and I pull my hair out.

December: Still working like a madwoman but actually exhale fully. And I finally get the nerve to go to a knit night.

And now for everyone's favourite... the FOs of 2008!!

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Awwww! Memories <3

We need to plot more exciting adventures for 2009, too.