Monday, December 01, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...

the holidays!!


Had an incredibly productive long weekend - bought a Christmas tree, went to Target (on Saturday, not Friday) and bought tree decorations and the *right* curtain rods, assembled said tree, gave away a gigantic piece of furniture that was making us miserable, removed sheets from living room windows, hung new curtains in the newly naked windows.


Did I mention that we drank wine and tortured the cat, too? Yay for long weekends!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to my US friends. Happy belated Thursday to everyone else!

1 comment:

Not An Artist said...

I told you I'd make an exception for you ;)

Love the pics of the tree, it is so adorable and teeny. And I'm glad to hear the couch is gone and no longer making you sad. Long live the chairs!